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If you are running facebook ads already and you are looking for some tips to optimise them and make them more efficient check out these seven tips on making the most out of your campaigns. However, if you are new to this and want to learn what are facebook ads, check out this article for beginners explaining what are facebook ads and how to start using them.

1. Use facebook ads carousel to show off your products

This form of facebook ads is crafted specifically to show multiple e-commerce products that can be swiped. Carousel adds the ability to show up to ten images all with different call to actions packed into one facebook ad. They look great both on mobile as well as desktop version, and are definitely worth using.

2. Use facebook video ads

Video ads are more engaging to your potential customers, recent studies show that clients that watch video ads are more likely to make a purchase than clients that aren’t watching video ads. Time limit can be set up to 240 minutes, but we suggest keeping the ads short and simple, and adding captions to your video as this might increase video view time.

3. Start using facebook pixles if you are not doing it yet

What is facebook pixel exactly? It is a piece of code that when implemented on the website, lets you track conversions. You can track visits to your page, adding items to cart, contacting you through form, completing purchase and many many more. It is a very powerful tool that can help you get better ROI.

4. Start using facebook remarketing

Remarketing is very effective tool, it simply allows you to target potential clients that were already interested in specific product or service, but either changed their mind or are still deciding if they need your product/service. It is the best time to strike again and show ads for your products to these people, as it is high likely they will go through with you this time.

5. Try out facebook lookalike audiences

Lookalike audience is basically an audience that might be interested in your business because it is very similar to your existing customers. This audience shares many interests and behaviors with the best of your existing customers that’s why it is very likely they will also be interested in your products or items. It is another great way to grow your business with help of facebook ads and lookalike audiences.

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6. Make sure your ads look professional by using correct sizes

There is nothing worse than posting an ad that is cut out in the most important part, or simply cutting the picture making it look unprofessional, this instead of attracting new customers might scare away potential customers. Make sure you are following most recents specifications that can be found here.

7. Create multiple ads and test them

It is very important to create multiple variations of your ad and test out which one works the best, something that you think is great might not work as good as you think, that’s why, by creating multiple ads you can compare what works and what not, and stop running ads that are not performing and optimising the ones that do.